Human Variation  
"When you begin to understand the biology of human variation, you have to ask yourself if race is a good way to describe that." -- Janis Hutchinson, Biolological Anthropologist
Current science tells us we share a common ancestry and the differences among people are not as great as they seem.
The Human Spectrum   THE HUMAN SPECTRUM
Draw new conclusions about human variation.
  Only Skin Deep   ONLY SKIN DEEP
Explore the science behind the variation in human skin color.
Our Molecular Selves   OUR MOLECULAR SELVES
Learn more about human biology and genetics.
  Health Connections   HEALTH CONNECTIONS
See how genes plus environment affect health.
Race and Human Variation   RACE AND HUMAN VARIATION
Do patterns of genetic variation match races?
  Human Variation Quiz   HUMAN VARIATION QUIZ
Test your knowledge of race and human variation.
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